Jozef Cseres & Viktor Pantůček

Look for Me. MA (audiovisual tribute to Milan Adamčiak) | 2020 | Video performance, video 17 min. | Courtesy of the artists

The aesthetician and philosopher of art and music Jozef Cseres and musicologist and playwright Viktor Pantůček created their video performance HľadaJ mA. (Look for Me) MA, an audiovisual tribute to Milan Adamčiak, as their own physical interpretation of selected graphic scores and experimental poems by Milan Adamčiak. To the biographical elements, they added their authentic, site-specific research in hospitality establishments. They conducted the research as a pilgrimage searching for the meaning of artistic creation and its result became the poetry of everyday life, which gave rise to a completely new intermedia work. It is certainly no coincidence that it emerged during the pandemic year 2020, which gave the concept of the lost human a new facet.