Pavlína Fichta Čierna

Practical Effort at Being in Between Thoughts | 2015 | Performance, video, 8:45 min. | Courtesy of the artist
Collection | 2005 | Object, epoxide, entomological box | Courtesy of the artist
Collection III. / Slavia Sfinx | 2009 | Object, epoxide, entomological box | Courtesy of the artist

Pavlína Fichta Čierna often seeks in her work some metaphysical instructions for life. Her tool is the body and overcoming its limits: “Through controlled attempts to find ourselves ‘somewhere else’, I think about the (im) possibility of escape and the need to overcome fear. By another meditation – through a physical act – I explore the boundaries of emotional transmission and the gesture of surrender as a way to break out of situations where, for various reasons, we want to change our identity and place in space-time. Paradoxically, these scenes take place as performances with the support of a friendly team and with observed security measures.


We face challenging situations in our lives and we are necessarily present in real solutions. Trying to overcome problems while preserving ourselves is part of the strategy of the human psyche. We have to deal with the burden but it often consumes our energy. I explore associative connections that resonate in many of us, without claim to aesthetic action. I use a different concept of editing – I change genre approaches, I mix experimental shots from several cameras, and I also use the ends of shots, which are usually discarded first.”


The entomological box is a rare snapshot of a moment of everyday pleasure and its transience – the sweet biscuit gradually dwindles. In time, everything disappears except the experiences. Indeed, we, people, disappear and dissolve in it as well.