Peter Kalmus & Michal Murin

Attempt to Escape Time | 1998 | Performance, duration 1 hour | Courtesy of the artists

The first time this performance took place was at the symposium Les Rites de Passage at Plasy Monastery (CZ). An hour-long play with no apparent changes unfolds on the ‘inside’. The way the subject of time was presented led to its division and different perceptions by two different clocks the chess clock and the hourglass. The pouring evokes bodily functions that measure human time, and its distribution points to different layers of that time in the space-time continuum. “Time passes and this voyeuristic performance allows it to be observed in an intimate, but also flirtatious and challenging pose. The pouring sand would have to fall evenly from a height of 216 kilometers to draw a solid line. ” (M.M.)


The latest version of this performance took place with the participation of both performers within a walk at the JAMA event as a continuation of the live part of the opening of The Lost Human in the meadows of the Štiavnica Mountains.